We Rely Heavily on the Help of Our Volunteers

Volunteers are a critical part of the day-to-day functioning of our organization, performing a variety of tasks such as direct work with children and families, hotline advocacy, administrative work, maintenance projects and much more. You can see a list of volunteer positions below.

About Volunteering for CASA

  • Sincere care for children
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Undergo and pass criminal records check and fingerprint check
  • Interview with CASA staff person
  • Complete 30 hours of initial training
  • Complete 10 hours of Court Observation
  • Commit to CASA program for at least 1 year
  • 10 hours of in-service training each year

Conduct an independent assessment

  • Review all relevant documents
  • Conduct interviews
  • Maintain complete written records about the case
  • Report any incidents of child abuse or neglect
  • Determine if a permanent plan has been created for the child

Determine the best interests of the child

  • Monitor the case by visiting the child as often as necessary
  • Participate in any planning or treatment team meetings involving the child
  • Monitor the development and/or revisions of a case plan
  • Review the service plan with case managers and ask questions

Advocate for the child

  • Ensure the child’s best interests are being represented
  • Attend all court hearings
  • Make a written recommendation to the court on what decision is best for the child
  • Urge the court, through written reports, to enter specific and clear orders
  • Point out concerns about the case to the court
  • Help the child understand the court process

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About Volunteering for Lighthouse Children's Advocacy Center

Helpline Advocate

Answers our 24-hour helpline. Provides callers with referral information, emotional support, and safety planning. Provides resources to caregivers in crisis.

Childcare Advocate

Assists caregivers and CAC staff with childcare in the CAC. Duties include supervising children during support groups, therapy sessions, forensic interviews, SANE, reading to and playing with children, and/or creating group activities. Childcare advocates are particularly important because they allow parents to get the help that they need without having to worry about their children’s safety. Must be available during the day and the evening.

Justice System Court Advocate

Escort clients and provide advocacy, emotional support, information and referrals as they proceed through the legal system. A legal background is not necessary, as training will be provided. However, volunteers must be available during normal court hours.


Bilingual translators to assist in translating materials and translating for non-offending caregivers

  • All volunteers are required to submit an application, which is available at the Lighthouse CAC. Once your application is accepted, there will be an interview to discuss volunteer opportunities and answer any questions.
  • Volunteers must then attend a CAC volunteer training class. A background check is required before training and will be paid for by the CAC. The volunteer training program is a comprehensive 10-20 hour course, which typically occurs over a two-week period and includes an online component. Attendance for all sessions is mandatory.
  • Those interested in volunteering in a non-direct service capacity are required to participate in a shortened 3-hour training session and a background check is still required.
Interested in internships?

Lighthouse CAC also offers internships/field placement experience for students in social work, counseling and related fields.

For more information regarding field placements:

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