Medical Health

Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children

Three-fold purpose: (1) Treatment: To save children’s lives and restore their bodies to the highest level of usefulness. (2) Research: To conduct research into orthopedic and burn care. (3) Education: To train physicians and other medical professionals in the care and treatment of orthopedic disabilities and burn injuries

Service Area(s): GA

Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc.

Primary Care includes the medical specialties of Family Practice, General Internal Medicine, and General Pediatrics. Provides for the majority of personal health care needs, meaning problems are not restricted to but include physical, mental, emotional and social concerns

Stewart Webster Rural Health Center

Blood Cholesterol Screening, Blood Pressure Monitoring, cancer collaborative, Diabetes collaborative, Foot care Clinic, Glycolsylated Hemoglobin Measure, Health Education, Hearing Screening, HIV Testing & Counseling, Immunizations, OB/GYN, Primary Care, Vision Screening, Women’s Health

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