Lee County


Service Area(s): Lee

Macon County


Service Area(s): Macon

River Edge CSB: Mobile Crisis Team

To support youth and their families facing a crisis, and link them to community resources for on-going support after successful resolution of the crisis

Service Area(s): Taylor

Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving (GSW)

Establishes local, state, and national partnerships committed to building quality long-term, home and community services. A local initiative that provides caregivers support that promotes health, skills and resilience. A Care Coach provides assessment, care planning, resource, and referral information. Services can be provided in the Center during regular hours or at a time and location that is convenient. Workshops on effective caregiver practices are provided to both family and professional caregivers.

Service Area(s): Baker Calhoun Colquitt Decatur Dougherty Early Grady Lee Miller Mitchell Seminole Terrell Thomas Worth
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