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Organization History

2002 - SOWEGA CASA is founded to serve the Southwestern Judicial Circuit.

2005 - SOWEGA CASA becomes GSW CASA, moving under Georgia Southwestern State University's umbrella.

2006 - South Central CASA is founded to serve the Cordele Judicial Circuit.

2008 - GSW CASA regains its independence as SOWEGA CASA, while remaining housed on GSW's campus.

2009 - South Central CASA merges with SOWEGA CASA.

2010 - SOWEGA CASA begins serving two northernmost Pataula Circuit Counties.

2012 - SOWEGA CASA creates Lighthouse CAC.

2013 - Visions for Sumter merges with SOWEGA CASA, placing the Southwestern Judicial Circuit Truancy Program under SOWEGA CASA management.

2014 - SOWEGA CASA changes its name to Southwest Georgia Children's Alliance to better reflect the umbrella organization that now, in addition to the Children’s Advocacy Center and Truancy Program, we now also manage the first CHINS program created in the State.

2015 - The Southwest Georgia Children’s Alliance adds the Positive Action program.

2016 - The Southwest Georgia Children’s Alliance continues to grow to meet the communities needs by adding a fully functioning SANE program - a first for the Southwestern Judicial Circuit - and an in-house, licensed therapist.

2020 - SOWEGA CASA expands to serve the remaining five counties in the Pataula Circuit. SWOEGA CASA now serves 17 counties in southwest Georgia.

2020 - SOWEGA Victim’s Alliance, the domestic violence program for adult victims of stalking and family/intimate partner violence within the six counties within the Southwestern Judicial Circuit, officially became the fourth program under the organization’s umbrella.

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